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DOT is full service Creative Design firm offering comprehensive service for architecture and planning. DOT has successfully delivered the best in architectural design based on a thoughtful and sophisticated combination of classical approaches and modern sensibilities. The firm has an enviable success record possible due to its unrelenting desire to surpass every expectation through its commitment to quality – quality in research, in thought, in understanding and in imagination.

With project ranging from corporate offices, Residences, Redevelopment Scheme, SRA Scheme, shopping Centre, & layout scheme, the firm has evolved a design principal that lays stress on the fusion between aesthetics and functionality.
Relocation of the DOT architects to Bandra, adjacent to the Western Express Highway has proved to be a strategic location facilitative transport and communication links to and from the office.

Enthusiasm prevailing the office ambience, DOT understands the client needs, offering contemporary feasible solution with cost effective alternatives. The firm provides vivid presentation mediums, working with conceptual-detailed models and visual including graphic computerized images.


DOT is supported by the expertise and experience of over architects, design professionals, technical and administrative staff, including those of DOT architects Consultants and its associated design firm, to provide value-added service to each client. Innovative concepts, insightful planning, and the highest quality professional project management are company hallmarks.


We provide the services in respect of following work:
  • Site evaluation and analysis.
  • Environmental impact assessment.
  • Architectural work and site development.
  • Structural engineering work.
  • Sanitary, plumbing, drainage, water supply and sewerage work.
  • Electrical work.
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning work.
  • Acoustical work.
  • Landscape work.
  • Interior designing.
  • Graphic Presentation.


We provide following service after taking instructions from client:
  • Furnish a site evaluation and analysis report with basic approach to circulation, activity distribution and interaction and external linkages.
  • Furnish preliminary report on environmental impact of the project and finalise it after discussion with the client clearly outlining the measures required for mitigating the adverse impact.
  • Prepare conceptual designs with reference to requirement given and prepare approximate estimate of cost by cubic measurements or on area basis.
  • Modify the conceptual designs with reference to requirements given.
  • Prepare drawings necessary for submission to statutory bodies for sanction and advise on formalities.
  • Prepare model (if required) working drawings, specification and schedule of quantities sufficient to prepare estimate of cost.
  • Prepare working drawings including large scale and full size details, detail specification and schedule of quantities sufficient to invite tenders.
  • Prepare and submit complete working drawing and detail sufficient to commence work at the site and for the proper execution during construction.
  • Visit the site of work and provide periodical supervision as and when necessary to clarify any decision or interpretation of the drawing and specification that may be necessary and conferences and meetings, as and when required and to ensure that the project proceeds generally in accordance with condition of contract.